New Friends and Old – Thanks for the Rainbow Bridge Memories


Simply. Overwhelming. That is my reaction to yesterday’s first annual Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day event. I knew the day would have impact for a lot of people, but I was not prepared for just how much. Between blog posts and the Facebook and Google+ event pages, the day was inundated with people sharing pictures, graphics, poems, stories, and so much more of their beloved pets that had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. All I can say is thank you. Read more

August 28 – First Annual Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day Blog Hop to Honor Pets Who Have Passed On


Mr. Jazz – my forever muse and beautiful boy. I will love you always and not a day goes by that I don’t miss you.

When I wrote the book Purr Prints of the Heart – A Cat’s Tale of Life, Death, and Beyond – a book written after saying goodbye on August 28, 2013 to my beloved Ragdoll companion cat, Mr. Jazz, who had lived to the age of 15, I did it with the purpose of wanting to help others who had lost a pet and were having difficulty with the grieving process. I knew full well after publishing the story that I would subject myself to people contacting me to discuss their innermost feelings of grief and pain, as I knew the manner in which I wrote the story would be something that would deeply resonate with most anyone that had lost a pet. Read more

#FoodShelterLove – Tips to Reduce Negative Litter Box Habits to Keep Cats Out of Shelters

This post is sponsored by Hill’s. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Hill’s® Food, Shelter, & Love Program, but Zee & Zoey’s Cat Chronicles only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article.

Cats communicate to us in various ways – whether by meows, the twitch of a tail, body posture, ear stance and more – each action a unique means to signify something different. The same is true for litter box habits. Most cats instinctively know to use a litter box, but there can be times when litter box habits are not always up to par, causing pet parents extreme frustration, to the point it is one of the most common reasons why cats are brought to shelters. What pet parents might not realize is that when a cat is acting inappropriately, they are actually communicating that something could be wrong. Read more

Cats and Company – The Lunch Meat Connection


For years this has been Mia’s sentiment when company dares to come visit…

Years ago when Dan and I would have house guests, the cats would react with typical feline horror and disdain. You know what I mean – once the thud of the suitcases hit the floor, several of the cats would take instant residence under the nearest bed. A few others would high-tail it up to the tallest spot in the house to glare at said house guests from a safe distance, and some would bravely walk among the strange new humans, with a cautious “you can look at me, just don’t touch” attitude. Read more

Quotable Wednesday – The Cat Calm in the Midst of Chaos


If you are having trouble reading quote, please click image to enlarge.

I am back from taking a couple days off from work so I could spend some time with my step-daughter, Crystal, who was visiting from Boston. It was great having the time off, aside from the fact that the work doesn’t do itself while I am away. I was greeted to a cheery mountain of paperwork a mile high at the beginning of this week, just waiting for my return. Needless to say, playing catch up in the fast paced world we live in is stressful to say the least! That’s why I decided on a Semi-Wordless Wednesday post for today and somehow this quote by author, Roseanne Amberson, just seemed to sum it up perfectly!

Have a wonderful rest of your week everyone – I will be sure to get you caught up on all the fun the cats and I had while Crystal was visiting on my upcoming Caturday post!


As a point of interest, Roseanne Amberson is the author of the book, “Raising Your Cat,” that was published in 1969. Has anyone ever read this book? It would be interesting to see what has, and has not, changed over the years.