Change a Pet’s Life, Change YOUR life


For as long as I can remember, I have been rescuing animals in just about every color, shape, size, and breed you can imagine, and for the most part, I didn’t go deliberately looking them, they just seemed to “find” me. I always thought it was the intervention of fate – these animals intuitively seemed to seek me out, sensing I would help them and I always did. That is why today, Change a Pet’s Life Day, is especially touching to me. Because in reality, when one changes the life of a pet, one also changes their own human life and that is something that is true not just today, but every single day of the year. Read more


A Compelling Q & A at Zee and Zoey’s for National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day

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question-dayJust like that, it’s already “National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day” and I must admit I’m a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing.  It’s not so much that I mind answering their questions, but I do have several cats – seven of them to be precise – and so that’s potentially a lot of questions to fit in between my full-time job, blogging, maintaining my household, and writing a book. But hey, I’m a good sport, so what’s one or two or seven questions among friends? I’m sure it won’t be that big a deal and hopefully we will all learn some invaluable information about cats based on the caliber of quality questions I am certain to be asked. So without further ado, here we go: Read more


Going Nuts! Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!




Okay, so maybe it’s not completely cat related, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE squirrels and since it is NATIONAL SQUIRREL APPRECIATION DAY I felt the need to follow my heart and share a post on behalf of these nut loving, cute critters!! Read more


My Personal Farewell to Cat Fancy Magazine


For nearly all of my life, Cat Fancy magazine has been a part of it. I find it bittersweet to know it will no longer be…

Irreverent. That was the word Susan Logan, editor of Cat Fancy magazine used with me when she called me last month to give me the news – after 50 years, Cat Fancy magazine would cease to exist, being replaced this May/June with a high-gloss, headline attention-getting, new print entity – catster magazine born from Read more


Way Back Wordless Wednesday – Young Cats Edition

Last week for Wordless Wednesday, I shared a retrospective of the Zee/Zoey gang as they are now – my grown up, feline family! For today’s Wordless Wednesday, I thought I’d go in the opposite direction and share an image of each of them in their younger days!! Wow… time sure does fly! Enjoy and have a great rest of your week!


Zee back in 2010. While he is older now, some things never change – he loved lounging on the counter then and he loves it now!


This was Zoey back in 2008 – it’s hard to believe she was a mama less than a year after that! Just look at that precious face – it’s no wonder I fell in love with her the second I laid eyes on her!


Even as a youngster, Rolz has always looked mature for his age. Seen here he is celebrating his first birthday with a card sent to him from his brother, Zeuss, who lives in Boston.


Mia has always looked like a pretty princess. Here she is at 5 months of age.


Peanut has a look of terror in her eyes as she sits atop this fake, life-size panther we have in our dining room (doesn’t everyone have a life-size panther in their dining room?) She is a little over a year in this picture and perhaps the terror stems from the fact she might think it is a real panther!


This was Kizmet in November of 2013 – he was about four months old when I resuced him and this was him at the vet’s office for a checkup to make sure he was healthy before I introduced him to the rest of the cats.


This was Jazmine last March when she was about four months old. This was the first time she ventured out of the bedroom we had her staying in so that we could slowly introduce her to the rest of the feline household. Suffice it to say she has ruled the roost ever since…