A Leopard Lady and Her Cat Ears – Heading off to Nashville for BlogPaws!

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Cat ears and all, I’m packed and will be arriving in Nashville for BlogPaws today! Unlike some of my more enterprising, talented, and efficient blogging friends who manage to blog while they travel, I, instead will be taking a much needed hiatus until my return. Call it lazy, but without my computer at home, I am just all thumbs when it comes to typing on a tiny lap top or mobile device, so it’s just better for everyone in the long run!

I hope you all have a lovely week while I am gone and I promise when I get home, lots of great recaps, pictures (well, probably not so many great pictures since I am terrible with a camera and Dan won’t be going with me), giveaways and more. Not to mention, June is Adopt a Cat month, so you can be sure in the weeks to come, that Zee and Zoey’s blog will be filled to the brim with all kinds of inspiring and fun cat related posts! As far as my cats, do they like me traveling to BlogPaws? Not really. But somehow they know how to connect the dots – a suitcase with no kitty treats and mom leaving means upon her return, somehow it will be magically filled with treats!


Helpful Cats Caturday

I was getting ready to begin my preliminary packing for BlogPaws the other night and walked into my bedroom, alone, with my suitcase. Obviously you all know what happened next – not even a split second later and out of nowhere appeared a clowder of cats that covered my suitcase. I find it infinitely fascinating how they are able to appear, seemingly out of thin air, yet these are the same cats that when you bring out a cat carrier, they vanish just as quickly into thin air. How do they know the difference between a suitcase and a cat carrier?


Rest assured, while my suitcase is not leopard print, all my clothes, my shoes, my purse, my carry on bag, and everything else is… Whew… wouldn’t want anyone thinking I wasn’t me!

All of this got me to thinking just how helpful my cats are in my everyday life, not just with helping me pack my suitcase (which, by the way, the only reason they are not freaked out by the suitcase anymore is because they know it means kitty swag will grace the house soon). In the spirit of helpfulness, I thought it would be fun to share a montage of photos of my cats “helping” with other things around the house. I hope you enjoy them – it is but a fraction of all the ways they help, but I did not want to overwhelm you with hundreds of pictures! Happy Caturday and how do your cats help you around the house? Read more

Mimic Me Wednesday – Cat Training Human or Human Training Cat?


Jazmine is just one of those cats that makes you smile and melts your heart all day and night with her endearing ways. She is an absolute charmer and one of her favorite things in the whole world to do is eat. Chicken is her absolute favorite, favorite, favorite thing on this earth, but since I am a vegetarian, she doesn’t get many scraps from me that she can eat! But, no matter… she remains diligent just in case a small tidbit of cheese or something else delectable might happen her way…

The cutest aspect of her eating obsession is just how smart she is – one quick plop onto her side, coupled with a bewitching turn of her head and I am putty in her sweet little paws! The best part – if I turn my head to the side, she will do the same thing at the same time! I used to think I had trained her, but now I think she has trained me… Either way, how can you not give her a treat for being so darn adorable!?


Yeah… There’s nothing this cat can’t have with this precious look!

How about your cats – do they have any cute little tricks to get you to give them a treat?

Cat Ears and All – The BlogPaws Experience


Click image to be taken to BlogPaws registration page.

Yes – there’s the informative seminars from intermediate to advanced levels on just about any topic you can imagine to strengthen and improve your blogging presence and skills; there’s the sponsors and networking opportunities with some of the biggest names in the pet industry; and there’s the incredibly talented and motivational keynote speakers that will leave you feeling empowered and invigorated. There’s all that at a BlogPaws Conference – but there’s so much more – the intrinsic value of going to a BlogPaws Conference that you just can’t put a price tag on. Read more

Wordless Wednesday – Watercolor Cat in Black and White


There is something just timeless about the beauty and simple integrity of a black and white photo. Seen here is our lovely Jazmine (click image to enlarge) modeling a quote by Wesley Bates that suits her purr-fectly.

Happy Wednesday and see you on the weekend with more Jazmine antics to follow…