My Rafflecopter Doesn’t Work and There’s a Stray Cat in My Guest Bedroom

Brokenrafflecopter copy

Thanks Rafflecopter… Not…

My Rafflecopter Doesn’t Work and There’s a Stray Cat in My Guest Bedroom – isn’t that what any respectable blogger would say the day she had an important post scheduled and was on her way to work? It all started Wednesday morning – the day I had a really important PAID sponsored post scheduled that included a giveaway, hence my need to use a Rafflecopter widget for entry purposes. Read more

Katris Covers for Modular Cat Scratching System – A Kickstarter Giveaway Designed for Fun and Function!

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katris0183_1414609862_280 I rarely do product reviews (paid or not) for an item my cats have not personally tested out, as I don’t want to be misleading about something I am not familiar with. There are times, however, when I absolutely know my gang of seven will like something without even seeing it, allowing me to feel comfortable sharing information. That was the case when Katris – a company that makes eco-friendly, innovative, high quality block shapes that can be configured into a custom created modular cat scratching system  – reached out to me with the possibility of letting my readers know about a Kickstarter campaign that will start on August 17 to create special decorative covers to make the Katris blocks even more fun and fashionable.  Read more

It’s Caturday – A Weekend Filled With Cat Toys, Dogs, Chores, and More!

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Well, here it is, another weekend upon us! Time to put up my feet and just relax after a hard week of work. Well, that is, after the yard work, laundry, vacuuming, grocery shopping, cleaning, running errands, getting caught up on emails, blog posts, and bookkeeping. What? It’s Sunday evening already… but wait, I didn’t have any fun yet! Oh well, at least I know the cats will be having a good weekend. What kind of plans do they have? Napping, eating, and, of course, playing with toys. I already shared some napping pictures earlier this week, so today I thought I’d concentrate on the toys… Read more

I Surrender to the Cat Nap

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Tell me about it…

When I came home from work on Monday, I was already longing for the weekend. By Tuesday, I was ready to crawl into a hole. Don’t get me wrong – everything is okay, it’s just that I’ve had to do an intense amount of data entry lately and my head is literally spinning. It’s truly amazing just how exhausting typing numbers all day long for weeks and months on end can be. To top it off, at night Dan and I have been catching up on watching Game of Thrones (we just finished season 4) and I think I am probably the only person on earth that literally finds Game of Thrones to be one giant sleeping pill. Read more

Finding the Joy in Scooping Cat Litter

Litter in use

Yup… the litter boxes in my house have more traffic than a grocery store deli the night before a big holiday…

I get up at 6:00 a.m. to get ready for work and I’m quite organized with my routine. Brush teeth, shower, get dressed, do my make-up, scoop litter. Scoop litter again. Do a cat count – Zee, Zoey, Mia, Peanut, Rolz, Kizmet, and Jazmine. Check. Okay. Say goodbye to Dan and the cats and get ready to leave. Scoop litter. Scoop litter again… What? Yes, sigh… Much as I love my little furry darlings, they drive me crazy with the litter and I honestly think they deliberately coordinate their efforts so that as soon as I scoop the box, they already know who will instantly be in line, ready to use it again. I literally will have one foot out the door, ready to leave, and I will hear them in one of the litter boxes, so I have to come back in and scoop again. Read more